1. White Powder

    White Powder

  2. Moon


  3. viciousilicious:

    Characters of Film Noir: The Femme Fatale

    "Women, often in the central role, were glamorous and dangerous – seductive sirens whose every action was marked by duplicity and aimed at satisfying a desire for wealth and power.” -Leondard Quart and Albert Auster

  4. darkbeautymag:

Photographer: Karolina ŚwiątekModel: Anna Arlet


    Photographer: Karolina Świątek
    Model: Anna Arlet

  5. darkbeautymag:

Photographer: Sarah Clements - Sarah M PhotographyModel: Autumn Lasley


    Photographer: Sarah Clements - Sarah M Photography
    Model: Autumn Lasley

  6. brontegregory:

    James Chadderton

    "Nightmarish visions of some of Manchester’s most iconic buildings decaying in a post-apocalyptic world"


    It was pretty cool to come across this work tonight being sold at the Manchester contemporary and buy art fair considering how much his work influenced me last year.

    The prints are even more stunning in real life.

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